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Enjoy pregnancy massage and prepare for smooth labour

This is also good for your baby.

I help relieve pregnancy discomfort: nausea, tiredness, fluid retention, back pain or anxiety.
Treatment in the first trimester in particular, helps prevent miscarriages.

I rarely apply acupuncture on pregnant ladies; however the gentle treatment is based on the principles of acupuncture.
Many types of medication are not advised during pregnancy; fortunately a number of disorders can be treated effectively without medication.

Breech position

When in breech position, a subtle treatment helps babies turn over spontaneously to the right position. This prevents caesarean sections. It is usually done around the 33rd, 34th week of pregnancy.

Preparation for a smooth labour helps you be more relaxed and eases the way.


If your baby is overdue and your gynaecologist is considering inducing labour, first try the natural way with acupuncture, to help the contractions start. This is gentler than the medical routine.

I am happy to help you recover your zest after giving birth.

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