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Keep your baby cool – heat wave tips

During this heat, babies tend to cry more. That can have a number of reasons – babies too get thirsty when it’s hot. Milk is food. Lukewarm boiled water quenches their thirst. Is the little one hot?

Spraying high with the plant spray above the baby provides welcome cooling. You can also refresh the baby’s face and feet with a damp washcloth.

The sun is very bright: protect your little one outdoors with a hat, even in the shade. Leave the baby under an umbrella. A fan causes drafts, not so good for your little one. Take care with the air conditioning. Opening windows and doors in the early morning helps your house cool, then close to keep the heat out.

Cooling for parents: feet in a bowl of water, if you wish with a little (sea) salt or a few drops of lavender oil. Wipe face, neck, wrists with a damp towel.

Alcohol does not go down well. Make (herbal) tea and let it cool, if you like, add lemon. You can freeze lemon slices and use them to cool drinks.

You also need a little more salt than usual, because you lose salt with sweat. Gherkins, olives, raw sauerkraut taste good. Moreover, fermented food is very healthy!

Keep cool – and good luck,


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