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I'm receiving treatment already,
can I combine these?

This treatment is a great supplement to most treatment. Please check with your practitioner.

Do I need a doctor's referral?

No. However, please consult your doctor prior to the first treatment. If you just wish to maintain your health / reduce stress, this is not necessary.

How frequent are the treatments?

Usually in the beginning weekly, later with increasing intervals. Gradually, the effect of treatments lasts longer. Once you are fine, a pleasant monthly session helps you stay well.

Do you also treat other ailments?

Indeed, I do treat all kinds of health issues. Clients who have experienced my work send friends and family to me.

Clients with unsolved health issues, headaches, feelings of suffocation in the night, a brain hemorrage and others have seen their issues solved, some after decades. I love to do the detective work, tracking the cause and seeing the resolution. How lovely when people ask “May I give you a hug?” Oh yes! I feel blessed.

Monika Denes | Eline Verestraat 23 | 1183 KX Amstelveen | Call +31(0)20 7718183

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