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About Monika Denes

I love my work. So do my clients.

Practice since 1993

What brought me to this profession

As a baby, my son had asthma. The heavy medication slowed down his development. I was desperate. Once I learned how to treat him, he improved fast under my hands and thrived! On my neighbour the treatment worked too and on her friend as well! I wanted to know more!

This and my own experience of illness, stress, burnout, whiplash and more lead to me studying complementary medicine for over 16 years. I test it all on myself, and share what works best.

Amazing discovery

I want to help. Keep on searching till I find the cause: There is a good reason for many health issues. The body has a message, the purpose of the ailment is to point us to it. Once the message is heard, the connected disease vanishes.

The latest discoveries in science and the health field fascinate me, Dr Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Dr Bruce Lipton and others give answers to questions I have had for decades. So lucky to live now.

The fertility treatment

A long time ago, three ladies got pregnant shortly after each other, as a “side effect of the treatment”, since I’ve been able to contribute to over 60 babies.

Are you interested in how your treatment works? I’m happy to explain. That’s how some clients became colleagues – Tanya in the US, Hülya in Turkey, Suzanne in Scotland and a few in the Netherlands.

My Dutch, English, Czech and German are nearly fluent, with funny accents.

Touch is the language I love – and have no accents in.

  • NIBIG licence 729972
  • Certified Trainer of Meridian Energy Therapies


Visual Communication, Fachhochschule Düsseldorf, Academic Degree

International Shiatsu School, Belgium
School voor Massage, Amsterdam
SAG – Psychosocial Body-oriented Help, Utrecht
Respiratory Therapy, Amersfoort
CSMBK – Shiatsu, Amsterdam
Zen Shiatsu, Amsterdam
SIVAS Auriculo therapy, IVEG, Ton van Gelder, MD, Rotterdam
SIVAS Acupuncture, IVEG, Ton van Gelder, MD, Rotterdam
Mastercourse Solution Oriented Therapy at Saxion Highschools, Amsterdam

Cranio-sacral Therapy, Belgium
Emotional Freedom Technique, GB
TAT Tapas Acupressure Technique with Tapas Fleming, US
Matrix Reimprinting with Karl Dawson, GB
The Healing Journey with Brandon Bays, Netherlands
Energy Cone Technique with Tom Wynn, GB
Seiki Soho with Akinobu Kishi, Belgium
Extraordinary Vessels, Belgium
Method Coaching, Rotterdam
Tui Na – Chinese therapeutic massage, Amsterdam
Rebalancing, Amsterdam
Thai Massage, Amsterdam
Holistic Pulsing, Rosmalen
Voice Dialogue
Voice Work
Picture Tapping
Courses with Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza
and others 

But it’s about results – want to know what my clients say?

Monika Denes | Eline Verestraat 23 | 1183 KX Amstelveen | Call +31(0)20 7718183

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